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Hi there everyone !!!

I want to say first what a great place this is.. There is alot of good information and good people on this site..... from the way it looks

I have been racing / building / breaking stuff for about 15 years now... and I still get left scratching my head from time to time lol..

on to my question

I have a 64 Chevy II ladder bar car with a small block and no power adders...

its around 2800 lbs with me in it

29.5 x 11.5 W's


coan 8 inch 5500 converter


355 sbc

with edelbrock etec 200 heads box stock flat milled to 60 cc combustion chambers ..

engine is 13.1 with a crane solid flat tappet cam..

252 int 260 exh @ .50

536. int 554 exh lift on a 1.5 rocker arm

I have a pro products hurricane intake

a 2 inch HVH spacer

and a proform 850 carb 74's in the front with pv and 82's in the back ..

The car runs a 1.44 60 ft every pass leaving at 5500 off the Trans brake ..

on the other end we have been a best of 10.74 at 121 mph..

I just think that there is more in this thing myself....

I know its not much of a little engine but it runs respectable. considering its basically a stock short block with a set of . 275 dome speed pro pistons..

I have tried timing both ways and the combo seems to like 36 degree's

I have tried moving the jetting around quite a bit with basically no change to et or mph...

at this point I am thinking that I should get this thing on a wheel dyno and go into the air bleeds ...

I am racing the in the Seattle area so I am nearly at sea level...

I am sure I left things out here but I think we should be able to get the car into the 10.50.. range

I welcome any and all suggestions

Thanks Matt

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1.6 rockers would net you .571/.590 lift minus lash. might help a bit. You could also try running 1.6's just on the intake side, your motor would probably like that. Make sure you have clearance and enough valve spring though.

I also don't get how your ET does not react to jet changes. In reality you should look at MPH for jetting anyhow but you should be in the ballpark with what you have.

The intake is questionable? I haven't heard much about em but nothing good but that is all second hand.

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