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Bought a used Hudo 2 stroke scooter a few months ago. Was just getting over a 6 week bout with vertigo and wrecked it the first time riding it. Well my wife hid the key from me for 3 months (for my own good).

Last week before the races I pull it out and it cranks first kick yeah. I fill it with gas/oil mix. Load it up and head to the track unload it and the thing will not crank for anything.

So yesterday I installed a new spark plug and it still won't crank. So I drain the fuel completely and pour in a few ounces of straight gas. It cranks first kick. Yeah. I let it run a couple minutes and it does fine. So I mix some more gas/oil. Gas Door says 2%. So I calculate 2.6 ounces of oil per 1 gallon of gas. Pour the gas mixture in and it cranks 2nd kick . I let it run a couple minutes, shut it off and load it up and head to the track. Get there and park beside same group of guys that watched me screw with it the week before and I make the comment it will crank this time.

Unbelievably the thing would not crank.....what the heck. So I load it up, watch a little racing and head home. I drained about half the gas mixture out and replaced it with straight gas. It still won't crank. I pulled the plug and it stll looks brand new.

Won't running it on straight gas hurt the 2 stroke?

Aren't my calculations correct?

Any ideas ?
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