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Ive been out of the scene for a while now and trying to resurrect an old project to have some fun again. unfortunately ive forgotten some things along the way and could use a little help to get on the right track

98 camaro
12 bolt with LCA brackets.
v6 springs
old style bmr xtreme TA.
madman LCAs w/ rod ends
adjustable panhard w/ rod ends
solid anti roll bar (i dont remember the brand, i believe its a wolfe)
comp engineering cheapo drag shocks on middle setting. begin, id imagine i need full weight in the car? gas, nitrous, weight in the driver seat. the tires need to be set at race psi? (27" m/t et street radials @22psi.)
fronts are 165/80/15 radials set at 40 psi.

once i have the car sitting in race form, i believe the first thing to do is adjust the panhard bar to center the rear. since ill be doing this on the floor without slip plates, do i just bounce the vehicle up and down a few times after every adjustment to get a correct reading?

after that i check the angle of the LCAs (2* uphill from axle to chassis)
and adjust their length to properly center the wheels in the wells and square the rear. once that is done i recheck the panhard adjustment.

Next im not sure whether i set the driveline (pinion?) angle first or do i set the antiroll bar first?

From what i remember, for the swaybar, i adjust the links so that they are in a neutral position with the suspension loaded, then lengthen the passenger side link 1 full turn.

so if someone could help clarify the rear end alignment procedure id be very grateful.

also once the rear end is aligned, how will i know that i did it right? how can i check that the thrust angle is as close to zero as possible?

For the front i really dont have anything adjustable except for the tubular k member.
but it does have a manual rack with a bump steer kit.
from what i understand, i am looking to have neutral camber, max positive caster, and never have any toe out at ride height, front end high from acceleration or dipping from braking.
does this sound correct?

if i have missed anything or am not on the right track please let me know.
thank you.

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I am beginning this on my car also in the next few weeks.

#1. yes, you want the drivers weight in the car. any nitrous bottles or anything required to race the car installed. helmet, ect.
#2. Yes, tires must be at race ready pressure. more or less tire pressure changes ride height. if one tire is low it will make the car lean to one side. check all 4 before you begin.
#3 as for the panhard bar, the car must be at ride height. crawl under it and adjust it and measure using a string and plumb bob to center the rearend. the body will move not the rearend.

I check tires, unhook anti roll bar, start with coilover ride height adjustments, then center rearend with lower control arms, then mess with panhard bar, then set pinion angle then i set my antiroll bar end link last.

Front alignment method sounds good. we had mine on the rack and id lift the front end up just before the tire would pick up off the ground and check toe then set it down and id hang off the K member while we looked a the screen to simulate braking. i had mine 1/16 toe in at all times and made sure it never toed out.
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