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I'm having a problem with my glide leaking when I put it on the brake. but not at an idle. It is spraying out in the area of the TB solenoid and tailshaft/case mounting area. I have had several people tell me the case is cracked. I just had this trans put together because I cracked the bellhousing on the other case. I made 2 passes and it started leaking on the 3rd pass.

I have looked for a crack in that area but can't find one. I pulled the tailhousing and governor support off and still couldn't see anything. I did notice that the passage in the back of the case has not been drilled larger as it recommends in the JW racing glide book. I also noticed that the rear of the trans was assembled as follows: case, gasket, block off plate, governor support.

Could the fact that the case was not drilled cause a pressure build up and make the gasket leak? Should the block off plate have a gasket between it and the case? Is the problem still a crack that I can't see?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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