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Well, this is a long story involving our Cadillac and our dealer, just so you know.

We own a CTS-V, and these cars are having horrible problems with rearend breakage, might be due to the V-6 rearend being in the car, 'ya think!!??

Anyway, for those who don't know, I develped an anti-wheel-hop kit, yes this is an inherent problem as well!

So, my dealer has had full knowledge of this kit, during development installation, and even 2 of the sons drove my car for their impressions. Not to mention they sold a kit thru me to install on a customers car.

Our car has been in the shop 4 times for warranty work, with the kit on, meaning....the service manager was fully aware of this kit also.

Well the pinion broke Wed. nite on my first launch at the track, the car has 14,400 miles, and the kit has been on for over 10,000 miles.

So, I tow the car to the dealer, and they pull it in on Thurs., I guess they had to take pics and send them to a group for determination.

So they see the kit, and deny the warranty! As an aside, I believe the ONLY reason I got 14K mi., was BECAUSE of the kit. Well, Cadillac is hiding behind their NO MOD policy.

Here is my problem, my dealer had full knowledge of the co. policy, I don't, they removed and REINSTALLED the kit on at least two occaisions. Now, being a common senser, I surmised that with all their knowledge, and reinstalling of the kit that I had nothing to be worried about, if I had thought so, I would have removed the kit prior to any service work.

Oh, this doesn't even take into consideration, that Mark Stielow, yes that Mark Stielow, called me and asked if I would consider bringing a couple of kits to the proving grounds for evaluation.

Considering all of this info, would you have been worried about a voided warranty?

So, Cadillac has basically slapped me in the face, a Cust. Serv. Manager, who is a step up from the first line of defense, has made a determination to deny my warranty, without even the courtesy to call and speak to me on the phone!!! So much for the CUSTOMER in customer service.

My contention is this, I believe, that due to all of the awareness of my kit, from and at my dealer, that even if Cadillac denies my warranty, the dealer should step up and do the right thing. Why? Glad you asked, because they never one time warned me, told me, or in any other way inform me, my kit would void my warranty!!!!!!!!

Any Thoughts?
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