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You know, I'm a big fan of high(er) SCR and low(er) boost combinations.

My reasoning?

Higher SCR engines tend to be more off boost friendly, meaning they drive nice, without feeling slugish.

Boost threshold will be lower (some call this less lag).

Since the SCR is a bit higher, the quench is usually tighter, meaning more squeeze to get a cleaner more complete burn.

When I built my current turbo V6, I decided to play it "safe" and go with 8.9:1 SCR, since I wanted a basic starting point, due to my combination not being a common one, in fact I am the only one to my knowledge to build a turbo 3.2L 60 degreeV6 hybrid. I will be raising the SCR to 9.3:1 with thinner headgaskets when my new heads go on. If I had the extra coin, I'd get some 9.6:1 pistons and run them, maybe even shave them a bit and use the thin head gasket again for a 10:1 SCR. ;)

So in short my recomendation is stick with what you have, just change from a Nitrous combination to a turbo combination.

Your cam looks like it was made for a turbo application. :)
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