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Hey Don, if you could help me out a little, I'd owe you a lot!!!!

Right now my setup is a 383 sbc, sportin 350 shot dual stage... (150 first, 200 second.) I'm pretty happy with the performance of it... The car run's high 12's NA, and low 10's on the bottle. It's mega-streetable, and I rape a vette, or sport bike from time to time.

I'm really interested in building a turbo sbc... I actually think my current engine setup will work, but my compression is a little high 10.0:1. Even with the 10:1 compression, I pretty much keep c-12, or c-16 in it. So runnin race gas all the time isn't really a problem for me. My goal with a turbo motor is to run mid to low 9's, and still be able to cruise it on the weekends. I also want this to be a blow-thru carb setup, cause EFI isn't going to be in the pocketbooks anytime soon.

Here's my current engine setup:

383 sbc, 4bolt studded mains, one piece rear main.
Scat 4340 Standard weight Crank
Scat 4340 Pro Series 6 inch I'Beams, with 7/16" ARP cap screws
JE custom extreme duty dish pistons, 10:1 compression
Hellfire rings, gapped at .030
Comp solid roller, .575" intake lift .575" exhaust lift, 255 intake duration, 262 Exhaust duration (@.050), 114 degree LSA.
Dart Pro1 215cc aluminum heads, Ported and Polished by Carrol Caudle.
TH350, full manual shift kit
Hughes ProII 9" converter (GM92)
8.5" 10 bolt, 3.90's, Eaton Posi, Moser Axles

I'm sure with the 10:1 setup, any boosted application that I run would have to be intercooled, and would require race gas. This car is definitely not my daily driver, but I like to cruise it like 2 or 3 times a month.

So Don, and all you turbo guys, what do you think??? What stuff would you run, and what things would you change??? Keep in mind I'm a 26 year old computer tech, who can't afford his own rent, because of the 76 model camaro sittin in his garage, that only books for about $1200 bucks....

I want to start on this build up probably next year, but I want to start gathering the parts over the course of this year. I'd appreciate all help that you could throw my way!!!!

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What does the car weigh with driver? I think a PT-88 mid-frame would work fine for you. A GT4788 would be fun too :-D Another option would be to step up to a smaller large frame turbo (such as a PT-91) and run it at lower boost levels. If you put a good intercooler on it and ran C-16 you could get away with 10:1 comp. with a lower boost level (just trying to save you money :wink: )

- Brian

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You know, I'm a big fan of high(er) SCR and low(er) boost combinations.

My reasoning?

Higher SCR engines tend to be more off boost friendly, meaning they drive nice, without feeling slugish.

Boost threshold will be lower (some call this less lag).

Since the SCR is a bit higher, the quench is usually tighter, meaning more squeeze to get a cleaner more complete burn.

When I built my current turbo V6, I decided to play it "safe" and go with 8.9:1 SCR, since I wanted a basic starting point, due to my combination not being a common one, in fact I am the only one to my knowledge to build a turbo 3.2L 60 degreeV6 hybrid. I will be raising the SCR to 9.3:1 with thinner headgaskets when my new heads go on. If I had the extra coin, I'd get some 9.6:1 pistons and run them, maybe even shave them a bit and use the thin head gasket again for a 10:1 SCR. ;)

So in short my recomendation is stick with what you have, just change from a Nitrous combination to a turbo combination.

Your cam looks like it was made for a turbo application. :)
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