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Converting to procharger/vortech(really like the new V30).
6-71 roots made 1000hp at 9#.
Would like to make 1500hp.
Would like to use a CSU 4500.

Current engine 410 SBF CLEVOR. All aluminum.

Ford Racing block. 9.2 deck. 3.850 stroke. FMS crank.
AFD 4V heads. 64cc chamber. 12:1 compression.
Heads flowed 340/[email protected] lift.
Cam numbers 268/281 @.050 .735/.727 111.5 LSA
Custom blower pistons from RaceTec(good for 30+ lbs boost).

Plan to upgrade crank and rods.
Plan to drive it off of the crank.
Which blower on E85?
Plan to NOT use an I/C. Thinking low 20’s boost.


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The 121 would be a bad ass blower.
there is a clipped wheel version of it coming out too.

the f3R-112 might be good also.

I can have a look at them and get you a price if you like. Does that engine have a timing cover or a belt drive ?
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