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well guys we made it to single digets yesterday.

we added more timing and re-jetted the carb last week hoping for our 9s pass...but the weather decided to cancel our day.

so we set out to try again this week.
we went to the track with the intention of making official licensing passes wich is 1-half track 3-moderate 2 full pass under 9.99.
we made 5 passes yesterday to count in the licensing process.

we launched hard each time...still bouncing the front end a bit more then we would like but the highlights of the 1/2 and moderate passes is that each pass was 1.37-1.38 60' wich is much better then the previous best of 1.48

on the two full passes everything felt great
pass 1:
roll up to the burnout....line up....line lock...2nd-3rd....big cloud of smoke....roll out.
approach the starting line clean the engine out twice
prestage...chris flipps the switch....
stage...transbrake...pedal to the floor...shift light blinks at me to let me know I am close to RPM...then solid.....then tree drops and my finger lets off the button.......oooooooo the "pulling" effect I havnt really felt the car pulling my body till this pass so I knew we were on a pass.
light-2nd....light-3rd effortless steering this thins was on rails....windout...cross the stripe and lift pull the chute.
I knew it was a good pass:
60' - 1.3869
330'- 4.0170
594' - 5.8048
1/8th - 6.2031
18th mph - 112.98
1000' - 8.0857
100' mph - 129.35
1/4 - 9.6791
1/4 mph - 141.88

YES!!!! first 9s pass and it felt great.

we made a second pass later....rinse repeat on the process:
60' - 1.3752
330'- 3.9901
594' - 5.7750
1/8th - 6.1720
18th mph - 113.36
1000' - 8.0501
100' mph - 129.74
1/4 - 9.6401
1/4 mph - 141.97

so chalk up a new best.
were thinking the new goal is 9-teens on motor then turn the bottles on and we should be able to see 8-0's or 7.9's next season.....very very happy today

(sorry about the cinimatography...can't fire free help)
1st pass:

2nd pass
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