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14th Annual New England Dragway Final Qualifying

Heads Up No Breakout Classes


1) Don Burton Aberdeen, MD 7.515 190.83
2) Mike Trinandilis Danbury, CT 7.664 192.11
3) Mike Modeste Brooklyn, NY 7.761 187.68
4) Travis Franklin Mansfield, TX 7.950 183.42
5) Steve Hall Springfield, MA 8.048 172.10
6) Tim Meagher Centerville, MA 8.085 177.91
7) Nick Bouneau Somerset, MA 9.255 145.41
8) Charlie Guilbault Avon, MA 9.429 144.98

-Rain forced the cancellation of one of the qualifying rounds, so a number of the racers still have yet to get a handle on the track. I believe that Fun Ford will run the third round tomorrow morning or at least give them another time trial.

-Burton & Trinandilis, however, are on their game. Burton bettered the ET record with his nitrous car while Trinandilis broke the mph record.

-Last year’s winner, Manny Buginga, was on the grounds and reiterated that he is retired for good.

-This was Former Street Race champion Tim Meagher’s first crack at Renegade. He’s running a new 94mm Precision turbo with a lot of parts borrowed from Buginga’s old ride.

-Charlie Guilbalt was running this class with a ’93 Lightning pick up. Look for him to break into the 8’s tomorrow.

-Point’s leader Angel Padilla DID NOT make this event after wrecking his new car at Bristol two weeks ago, That meant that Travis Franklin re-assumed the point’s lead just by passing tech.

-Mustang Mike Modeste is a 4x NSCA Limited Street champ and also won Dave Hance’s Shakedown at E-town event before. He was gunning for a big number during the second round of qualifying and smoked the tires. Should he do well at this event, Mustang Mike asserts that he WILL be at October to make a run for the championship.

-The purse for this event is $10,000

- Probe Pro and Performance 2-Way Street Outlaw are not being run at this event.
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