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Final Qualifing for Outlaw Drag Radial
1. Will Stevenson - Gainsville, Fl...... 4.952 150.75mph
2. Ale Belford - Quincy, Fl............... 5.066 143.76mph
3. Chad Henderson - Madison, Al.... 5.123 136.21mph
4. Josh Klugger - Ocala, Fl.............. 5.360 136.25mph
5. Jimmy Martin - Flovilla................ 5.360 134.28mph
6. Kenny Markwich - Gainsville, Fl... 5.397 149.28mph
7. Mark Stickland - Tifton, Ga......... 5.927 116.40mph
8. Amanda Long - Crystal Springs, Fl 5.994 136.11mph
9. Spurgeon Adkins - Cordele, Ga.... 7.060 83.31mph

There were eleven Drag Radial cars that showed for the event but as usaual you have casaulties of war at every event!!:rolleyes:

Final Elimination Rounds ; 1st Round Eliminations;

Will Stevenson Gainsville, Fl 4.959 151.07mph Win
Bye Run

Jimmy Martin Flovilla 5.506 131.22mph Win

Ale Belford Quincy, Fl 5.055 141.83mph Win
Mark Strickland Tifton, Ga 5.752 131.13mph

Josh Klugger Ocala, Fl 5.372 136.28mph Win
Spurgeon Adkins Cordele, Ga 7.763 69.49mph

Chad Henderson Madison, Al 6.751 71.39mph Win

Round 2 Eliminations:

Chad Henderson Madison, Al 5.168 139.85mph Win
Josh Klugger Ocala, Fl 5.335 136.06mph

Will Stevenson Gainesville, Fl 4.928 151.31mph Win
Jimmy Martin Flovilla 5.288 133.83


Will Stevenson Gainesville, Fl 4.937 151.41mph Win
Chad Henderson Madison, Al 5.136 140.56mph

King of the Strip Finals:
Jeffery Barker Warner Robins, Ga 4.351 161.85mph Win (Holeshot)
Ralph Edelen Thomasville, Ga 4.283 167.68mph

6.0 Index Finals:
Michael Strickland Alma, Ga 6.022 116.46mph Win
James Williams Pelham, Ga 6.058 109.88mph

7.0 Index Finals:
Roger Mann Leesburg, Ga 7.002 97.90mph Win
Brandon Wood Thomasville, Ga 6.994 95.10mph

Open Comp Finals:
Ken Grant Albany, Ga 6.461 96.53mph Win
James Williams Delham, Ga 6.339 108.49mph

Well guys and gals its 1:42AM and I'm beat!!
Congratulations to Will and Mr. Savage having the flawless race car and special I cant't believe that too; Chad making it to the finals on only 7 cylinders.

Its been a great night here a SGMP and thanks for the support!!:cool:
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