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November 26th STREETC/i\RLIFE Presents

4th Annual Rusty Bridges Street Car Challenge.

Brainerd Motorsports Park in Chattanooga TN.

We are having a full on Street Car race! These are REAL street cars and must make a 70 Mile cruise, we have two classes of Cars and Bikes.

Real Street - See Rules, Must make Cruise with out refueling!

Unlimited Street - Must make cruise Period, No other rules!

Modded Bike - Extended swing arms Allowed.

Stock Bike - Must be stock configuration.

Calling all of TN, GA, AL, KY, NC, SC, FL, AK, NY and TX to to name a few.
Bring your A-game in ALL Classes.
This is your chance to come to Chattanooga and show us what you got!!!

StockZ @ STREETC/i\RLIFE on FB and @ .NET
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