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Haulmark trailer tires

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I have a trailer right at a year old and the fucking tires are coming apart on the pc. of shit. 2 of them the belt seperated and they look like fucking eggs, now I go to check the air and another one is like it..... I am going to replace them all but I haven't even used it much. and the only thing in it is a car and alittle dirt bike.

Pisses me the fuck off I go buy a new trailer and have to put fucking tires on it in less than a year
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If they are 15s (radial)we had the same problem kept losing the cap on the tires, on the way to a race lost 3 tires stopped in a small town, local tire store told me to to switch back to a 7ply bias
tire. Said the cap seperates from setting and heat. Took his advice
3years later still have the same bias tires he sold me and alot of miles in the heat . Friend of mine had same problem on travel trailer and switched back to bias , solved his issue too.
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