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Happy Birthday Scott Williams..

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Damn what does it feel like to finally be legal to drink.. Its been many years for me since I started at 12.. :-D Happy Birthday.. I will give you a Birthday hug tonight :-D
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Monty Mikho said:
I will give you a Birthday hug tonight :-D
Yea you would like that wouldn't you :-gay

:smt005 Happy B-day
Scott have a Happy.....and may you Race under the lights tonight :shock: .....OK I was dreamin for ya......wait till dark (when it cools off) to load the car back in the trailor
It's that time of year again?

Happy this one and many more. Win one tonight for yourself!
Happy birthday Scott!
Thanks guys!! We ended up going out for a few barley pops instead of racing! Stayed on the couch most of the day today!! :oops:
:supz: ...That'l help you go rounds in Stanton :smt118
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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