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I never had such a great time in all my life. Sat. I was involved in the car show and had to judge the cars. This was one of the hardest judging jobs I ever had. I could only pick top 5 plus 5 specialty awards. The quality of the cars was amazing. Congrats to the winners. On Sunday I arrived around 10:30. I ended up in the tower most of the day. It was nice and cool and so were all the people. I have never felt so comfortable with a bunch of people I never met before. Since I don't want to forget anyone, I would like to thank all the people of the NSCA and the racers. I met a lot of great people this weekend. I also saw a lot of old friends. It was truely the most enjoyable event I've ever attended. Thanx to Jimmy Biggs for inviting me. Thanx, Ray 8) 8) :smt026
1 - 12 of 30 Posts
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