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Well, another bad day at the track!!


Sometimes I wonder what in the hell I think I'm doing!

Anyway, finally got my converter back, and had the trans looked at just to be sure all was well, had a planetary that was questionable so it was replaced.

Anyway, so I get the truck back together Sat., go up and down the drive a couple times, it feels really good, the looser converter seems to be happy.

Go to the track an 1 1/2 hr trip. Unload tech in and go to make my first pass, don't get a good burnout, so i leave i feel the truck spin just a bit, then it hooks and goes.

Feels good hit 2nd, then the tach makes a weird jump like to over 8, comes back to 72 so I go ahead and shift, 3rd feels lazy its just not pulling, so the car next to me was LOUD, and I'm not sure where but at some point I think as soon as I lifted the motor shut down.

I pull over on the retun road take the hood off and look around nothing seems out of place, so I try cranking the motor, it turns but very slowly, and tons of steam coming out of the breathers.

I pull a breather and its full of goo. Water and oil, yummy my favorite. thankfully the retun road is down hill so I get back to the pit and drain the water hoping to relieve pressure, but the motor is still tuning very slowly.

So I get home and pout for awhile then my wife and I go out and pull the plugs to see if covered in moisture, but only #7 looks a little wet.

Pull that valve cover, all valves are actuating, do a compression test, and here are the #s



These * are the only ones out of whack, I'm not worried about the 210, but the 150 does concern me. This is the cylinder where the crack comes from the bolt hole over to the top of the cyl.

I'm guessing the fire has followed the crack and burnt the gasket, any other thoughts?

I'm a little perplexed why the motor shut off tho. I think I need to try and fire the motor before I tear the head off to see if I have 2 problems I'm dealing with, any thoughts?
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