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About 12 handfulls of fresh green beens (snap them into 2" long pieces after removing the stem end)

1 Package of "seasoning blend" (diced onions, bellpepers and parsley all packaged together....OR about 3/4 cup diced onion and 1/2 cup diced bell pepper, dried parsly

1 package of very thick sliced bacon or "ends and pieces" (large box of bacon sliced very thick, mostly used for recipes)

About twelve "new potatoes" (golf ball sized red potatoes)

Garlic powder and red peper

Fry down the bacon at a medium low want it cooked, but not crunchy. Then add in the blend of onions and bell peppers and cook stirring frequently till the onions are clear. Then throw in the UN PEELED golf ball sized potatoes and stir around for a few minutes to get them good and coated with bacon grease. Then throw in the green beans and stir them to coat as well. Add about a cup of water and turn heat down to low and cook until the green beans are done to your liking (stir frequenty).....some folks like them done till falling apart, some like them cooked just a few minutes and eat them crunchy like in a chinese restaurant....good either way! I like them almost falling apart....if you like them crunchy, you may want to let the potatoes cook a bit first before adding the beans. Just before serving, taste the liquid and season with red peper and garlic powder and stir working your way up to your desired spicyness level....add salt if needed, but usually the bacon takes care of the salt.....

The secret to this recipe is to play around with it until you get the right amount of bacon in there.....DO NOT drain the bacon grease....If these beans are not SHINY with bacon grease you will NOT be impressed with the taste!!!!

Sorry for no more accurate quantities....this is something I do "on the fly", judging all quantities by how it looks!

I cook this in a large cast iron pot, but a magnalite pot or dutch oven works well too. When I cook this it serves about 6. GREAT with BBQ
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