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Going to my first TNT....

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Hey guys I got a few newbe questions about taking my truck to the track.It's nothing special.A 69 c-10 with a vortec headed 350 in it.Still street tires.Plan on running somewhere between a 14-17 second pass.I have no clue what it will run.

Anyway I will going to gateway in st louis and I understand there pretty strict on the tech inspection.Have a few questions.

My truck has a fuel cell in the bed.Will I need a ground strap from the top of the fuel cell to the truck?Also what kind of vent is accepted.Right now it has a peice of rubber hose looped twice and then it points down.Will this pass?Also it has 1/2 inch rubber line that runs from the fuel cell to an aluminum 1/2 inch line that runs along the frame.Is it alright to have that rubber line?

What about a radiator catch can.Right now it doesn't have one...

Will I need a helmet even though the truck is so slow?

I am sure I will think of something else later.But this should get it going.I can't wait to go.Tommorow I am going to finish up some loose ends on the truck.And finish getting it ready.

It doesn't leak oil.And it doesn't run hot at all.Mainly I am worried about getting through tech.And if that happens then I will worry about hooking up!

Thanks for any advice.
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Thanks WJ.

After reading the fuel line deal I doubt I will be going:(

I probably have 2 foot of rubber line.A foot from the cell to hardline and then another foot from the hardline to the pump....Well I guess I'll just have to wait for the nova to get done:-damnitCause that ain't gonna be anytime soon.

Where do you run at WJ?I wish bentom Mo would open up.Or maybe catch sikeston one weekend....
Well I just looked and it looks like benton MO is open.But there next race date I will be in branson...
I looked it up and that track looks to be about 2.5 hours from my house.Not to bad.That's about how far benton,mo and sikeston are to.That's why I like gateway though it's pretty close.Thinking about trying to go check it out around august 16.

I live in festus,mo....

It's worth it to upgrade the truck to meet the current rules.But I just got laid off on the 2nd of this month and have no moolah!I will though pretty soon..
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