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Hey guys, looking for some advice on what to do next. For those of you that don't know me I am very goal orientated. I purchased my 99 Camaro about 4 years ago and started out as an all motor 13 sec ride down to a 9 sec nitrous car. The car still has the stock ls1 that came in it with 51k miles on the clock.

Now that I have met my 9 sec goal I am now shooting for 9.51 to claim an internet record (just a little personal goal). If or when that happens I want to start another project. I either want to build a nitrous motor for my car that I can drive anywhere (th400 gearing being the limiting factor) and run 8s or start over with a stock low mileage 01-02 auto car that will run 9s and drive it from GA to Calli if I want to.

Just for clarity - Current ride could be a DD but is limited by rear gearing and 3sp th400 tranny. No AC/Heat, No back seat.

Option 1. Possible Project car - 01-02 Camaro, stock motor, built 4l60e, nitrous converter, full interior, nitrous speced cam, vic jr or FAST, full suspension etc.. basically a stock car with all upgrades needed to run 9s without compromising any street-ability.

Option 2. Possible Nitrous Motor for my current Camaro - Send my converter back to Greg at FTI to get it tightened up, Billy Briggs built 408, install roll cage, still can drive the car to and from the track like i do now but limited highway cruising due to gears and tranny.

I have a friend that has a 3 rides and he tells me that it's a lot of headache, stick to just one. What would you guys do?

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