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Who will win the match race?

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Who you got?

Tim Lynch, Steve Petty and the whole Lynch Mob will Match race Billy Glidden in his awesome NHRA PRO STOCK GTO.
(Billy's car will run under ADRL Pro Nitrious rules)

here is the deal:

both teams will run each other 3 times on saturday oct 4 during qualifying.

Tim Lynch's et's will count towards qualifying in outlaw 10.5

Billy Gliddens et's will count towards qualifying in PRO NITRIOUS PRO MOD class.

Tim Lynch best et to date: 6.53 in great air at last shakedown race. Tim Lynch will weigh in at 3,000lbs min.

Billy Glidden best et to date: 6.56 in St Louis 2 weeks ago in not such great air....Billy's Pro Stock GTO no min weight / any tire.

sounds like an even match.
place your bets!

how far out will the pro stocker jump???
will the 10.5 car catch the pro stocker before the strip??

just hung up with Petty, Glidden and Etown...its a done deal.
please support this match up by attending our event. also, there are still sponsorship opportunities available so if you own a company, a shop or just want to get involved please reach out.
[email protected] or 516 322 8142. as everybody knows every dime raised for the shakedown @ etown event goes directly into the payout pot. thank you,

David Hance

The Enemy
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Consistency is the name of the game.

Nobody is more consistent than Billy.

However, Tim has been very consistent in the last year or so, especially at the shakedown.

I felt tim could have ran in the .40s last year at the shakedown if he needed or wanted to.

Billy might show with the hemi?

Man, the possibilities are endless!
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