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Gil Mobley's blown car pics

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all i can say is that this is one of the baddest cars ive seen in my 22 years of being around drag racing. the power of this thing is unreal! on a track with not the best conditions and breaking parts it still goes 4.71 and broke just after the 330.Tim Lynch you know your a friend of mine but you boys are gonna have your hands full when this things right.and no iam not hugging gils nuts or bashing tim just getting some good times going between all of us.

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This is why outlaw10.5 is dying. There has to be some rules to prevent promod style parts from coming in.
Where have you been 10.5 outlaw has been running larger motors than promods for years. Thats why it's called outlaw [ outlaw bill ] If you knew anything about promod they don't have motors like mobley with a screw and small pully !!! Mobley's makes alot more power !!!
This why I gave up on my outlaw10.5 car, its too outdated and the rules or lack of rules have pushed me out. My pockets are not deep as the Grand Canyon.
1 - 3 of 126 Posts
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