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Found this forum a few days ago .. being a aussie its pretty good read, now my problem.

Im building a new motor for my rx4 Mazda.. atm ive got a 400 chev pretty crap combo but ive ran 11.2/124 mph with a little more in it if sorted out but driven on the road regularly, but its a bit old build it like 5 years ago so its done a hard life :)

But my problem atm i want to step it up but cant seem to talk to much people with KNOWLEDGE regarding using 18/15deg or even canted valve heads.

Would like to make 800hp on 98 octane fuel, 13 to 1 comp . I cant go the tall deck dart block since im restricted in space in engine bay alrdy looked at that . And no tunnels rams since it will be used for street application . Car weighs 3000lbs , with glide in it atm .

Any suggestions for heads that will achieve this the cam wont be any bigger then .700 lift .I understand its not all about air flow but 370cfm is what i need ,,, its about airspeed as well .

Or am l pushing shit up hill trying to achieve this combo ?

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