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Just before having a stroke 2 yrs ago I disassembled my Chrysler Garrett T3.

Turbo worked fine and had no feelable play either way.

My Engine was smoking a bit so I decided to re-ring it and overhaul the Turbo.

Now I'm trying to get back to work and finish up some lingering projects.

The 1 piece carbon seal on the compressor side was cracked and replaced.

I'm assuming this could be a source of smoking.

Looking over the turbine shaft I see the sealing ring has some side to side play.

I only have 1 functioning hand so holding and measuring things are clumsy.

I'm curious if anyone knows what the ring to shaft side clearance should be.

I find lots of rebuilding vids etc but found nothing concerning this spec.

I'm assuming the clearance must be important but its never mentioned.

I have lots of Engine experience but its my first Turbo overhaul attempt.

Anyone have experience with these who care to share?

I'm not looking for perfection more what is tolerable.

Any input is appreciated!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts