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When I make shrimp scampi I start with 1Tbs olive oil, 4 Tbs butter, clove garlic chopped very fine, and salt and pepper to taste. The shrimp go in cooked hot and fast and don't worry about draining the shrimp real well. The trick is not to cook in pan too long and turn them, or they get tough. About to the end of cook time squeeze 1/2 lemon and sprinkle with parsley chopped fine. Pull from fire and set for a min. Goes well with wild rice or linguine.
Next time you do this...Try smacking it with some Dry White Wine..1/2 cup or so let it simmer off...
I think you will like it.
This combo you have here I use also with Big Portabella Mushrooms or Asparagus tips...but I add the Dry White Wine, sometimes a chopped up Chives, Chili or Cayenne pepper in it also not for heat as much for taste.
Oh also maybe a nip of Half/Half cream....with the shimp or seafood only.

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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