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never ran an aftermarket fuel system before. so i'd appreciate a thumbs up or recommendations.

95 GT, fuel cell in the trunk
-12 out from the fuel cell feeding a pre filter
-10 from A1000 through a post filter connected
-10 going all the way up to the passenger inner fender to a Y fitting
dual -8 feeding the back of each fuel rail

-8 from fuel rails meeting into the regulator
-8 return from the regulator to the top of the fuel cell

my main question is what do you think of mounting the filters and pump where i have them in the pics? also, do you trust push lock style line like from racepartsolutions 8000? or is stainless braided the way to go? i gotta order this crap soon. i've procrastinated too long. thanks for the help

under the rear floor is the suspension and anti roll bar which make it interesting to mount things under there without interference. i am building an "H" pattern support brace under the aluminum trunk floor pan to support the battery tray and could easily mount the fuel pump there. but i don't see an issue keeping it in the trunk yet
enough talk, let the pics and comments do the rest.....

-12 from fuel cell straight to the pre filter with a 90 degree fitting on it

90 degree fitting on each end of pre filter to send it towards the pump

after the post filter.. run a 90 degree bulkhead fitting to send it below the trunk floor pan

under the car, it would come out on the "top right" of the pic. put a 90 on it and send it toward the center section of the rear end

send it over the center section, then back towards the passenger frame rail and secure it all the way the way to the front of the car

meet a Y block in the passenger fender well

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feed the rails and spit out to the regulator mounted right in front of the dizzy. then run a -8 return


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I would mount it under the floor.That way any leaks go to the ground not the inside of the car.Also,better for the pump to mount it lower.I like the paint underside-looks clean!
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