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I couldn't find a section pointing towards fuel related things so I figured this would be the best place. I was wondering if you guys might be able to give me some insight on deciding on a new fuel pump setup.

To start with the car currently has 3 walbro gsl-392's, sumped tank, -10 feed, -8 return, magna fuel 9950b regulator, 105lb injectors. Running on e85.

I have yet to drive the car in summer weather. I finished it up last October and broke it in while the weather was cool along with a 200 mile round trip drive. Spent a few months working out belt issues & finding which option I liked best, then another few months sorting out the trans. The walbros have always had their usual normal hum and that was all. Today I took it out for a 10-12 mile drive to test the trans. Upon returning home I noticed one (or more, I didn't narrow it down yet) of the pumps had the awful whine of death. After cooling down for an hour or so the noise was gone. The temp on each pump was 113,112,108, temp on the tank sump was 109.

Im on the fence of weather this could be a normal walbro thing once they get warm as there is a lot of talk of them being noisy as hell. Or if a pump is on its way out. If one is on its way out already I don't want to keep playing around with these pumps and would rather just throw them all in the trash as theyre 10 months old with 450 miles and 2 very light dyno pulls and go with something totally different.

Which is the reason why im wondering what you guys would suggest. The car is not a daily driver by any means but does get taken out for a little drive on nice days every so often, or down to road to the gas station to pick up some cold ones. On average 40-50 miles a year if that. It was primarily built for true street. Due to that I am leaning towards a magnafuel 4703.

As far as the car setup goes & power it will make. I have no clue what kind of power it will make. All I have to go off of is it made 438hp 384tq @ 5200rpm, an average of 3-5lbs of boost, and converter unlocked with a ysi (was getting SEVERE belt slip) since then ive moved over to an f1c with an 8" crank pulley and 3.85 blower pulley.
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