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Fuel pressure keeps dropping - HELP

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My fuel pressure is set at 7lbs at my gauge on the cowl. It was set at 1500 rpms as per Magnafuel. While running, whether it's racing, street driving or just idling the pressure will drop below 4lbs.
Description of the system:
Aluminum fuel cell
#12 line from cell to pump
Magnafuel 500 filter and pump unit
#10 line to Magnafuel log and regulators
#6 line going to the carb and plate.
Power comes from twin relays mounted near the battery next to the pump
so there's no volt or amp loss.
Autometer Procomp liquid filled gauge.
I've double/triplle checked everything I can think of.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you - Steve
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Liquid filled gauge is my bet. Change that and I bet you'll find your problem.
I had a liquid gauge under the cowl and it would drop when it got hot also. What I found out was it would automatically change based on barometric pressure. I changed it out to a non liquid gauge and problem was solved.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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