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when do you need to change the front tire diameter size?

i am currently struggling with idea of changing to a different front tire,
a taller tire.
i currently run the typical 165/15 on the front.
i was thinking that,sense i am having a bit of trouble with the 60ft, that i may need to bring the front end up a little bit,by using a taller front tire. so that i could put some rear weight or pressure to the rear of the car,for a better launch/60ft.
the car has had more wheel spin,every sense the mono leaf springs have been changed.
i also installed a coil over for the rear,with a adjustable Qa1 shocks on the rear.
am i thinking wrong?
hopefully this all makes sense.:cool:
p.s. this is a car that i actually bought,these are the symptoms or problems the previous owner was dealing with,i want to be able to fix it.
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