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Fords or chevys

Fords or chevys

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Fords are better than chevy anyday. The only talk is about who can make their ford or chevys go the fastest
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HMMM guess silver and chevys suck left with their tail between their legs,,,typical ford guy I might add

try to start chit and balls, nobodys..lurkers Ha!

bring it,don't sing it
Hey Silver is the man nobody else on here readily admits his car has no motor yet still manages to call out anyone and everyone thats phucking awesome :-D
Hahahahahaha Yeah you can't stop the boy from trying..but damm well can break him of the habit!!

Isn't this place great?? Where else can you go and have this many laughs

None on this planet

except here
Keep up the good work silver..If I had any other money still on you :smt005 :smt005 :smt005
The motor is done. Just need the time to put it in. I'll take you all on!!!!! :-D :-D
Are you gonna have to haul this one up and down the street to get this one started too??
Maybe. But after it is started. LOOK OUT!!! :-D
hahaha silver I got to say it,,,your a damm good sport

I'll be lookin for you in the rear veiw mirror
I can dish it out as well as take it. Just ask Monty!! :shock:
I dont know about dishing it out.. But I know he can take it... :smt005
same here bro :smt005
This just in Chevy's Will RULE the 06 Run What Cha' Brung class talk of some local racers stepping up to IHRA Pro Stock Next season. Some of these racers ran the class last year with thier Old Top Sportsman cars . oh yeah and FORD never mind you Ford guys Won't understand.
The Ford guys I figure just stopped voting.. It would be like racing a Top Fuel car with your grandma's Buick.. After its 1/4 mile a head of you there is no reason to keep racing... :smt005
Monty Mikho said:
I dont know about dishing it out.. But I know he can take it... :smt005
Take what? :-gay
garyj said:
Monty Mikho said:
I dont know about dishing it out.. But I know he can take it... :smt005
Take what? :-gay
The ALS... :smt005
:shock: What is wrong with you man :shock: :smt005 :smt005
Everyone needs a little ALS in their life... :smt005
Ok guys,this is where we stand lets see if the ford guys can catch up help them out here,if you own a ford please vote and help a brother out

40% [ 31 ]
59% [ 46 ]

Total Votes : 77

Thanks Tom


all you ford guys vote :-D :-D the chevys are bush you all dont like him vote him out of office
61 - 80 of 103 Posts
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