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Fords or chevys

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Tom McDunnah said:
silvercv2002 said:
Looks like all you Chevy clowns have hosepower envy. It's ok to admit that you can't keep up. We understand. People suck, and you asses are the proof. :-D
Thanks thats quite a complament, comming from someone of your caliber,

If you have a vision problem or a math problem,,I can help you.

Lets see now..hey can anyone help me out here with the math,,I think silver has used up all his fingers and toes..even his dick..he is stuck on 21 here.I can see the poll.
And you was saying some thing about Fords.......well I'd have to disagree with you there,,next time splain your self more clearly with the facts.

Have a wonderful day :-D :-D :-D keep your chin up,,there are better days ahead!!!

was it 30 Ford
44 Chevy?? yeah thats it Do the math pal
ford will be ahead here in a little bit when all the ford boys start voting
1 - 9 of 103 Posts
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