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Fords or chevys

Fords or chevys

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Fords are better than chevy anyday. The only talk is about who can make their ford or chevys go the fastest
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Why do Ford guys like to be dissapointed all the time with these types of polls?

Everyone knows that Chevy's Rule!!!!!
Shouldn't be any surprise, Chevy still leading the polls.

Big or small, Chevy rules them all!!!!!
Still no surprise....Chevy leading the polls!!!!!!!

Well Ford did do one thing right......................

They circled there mistake with an oval!!!

Oh wait they couldn't even get the circle right!!!! :smt005 :smt005
Chuck L. said:

looks like the Beast is heading for a race in Canada!
I am at TMP ever weekend, bracket racing, OSCA racing, CFSC racing and IHRA National event racing.

Anytime Chuck, your more than welcome to race at our fine establishment.
Tom McDunnah said:
I'll most likely be there too,If they will let me across the border :-D :-D :-D
They let Monty across the border(even after I phoned and told them not to), I am sure you will get across Tom.
1 - 5 of 103 Posts
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