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Fords or chevys

Fords or chevys

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Fords are better than chevy anyday. The only talk is about who can make their ford or chevys go the fastest
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Fords rule Chevies Drool!!!!! :smt035
yeah fords all the way
:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D
Ummm I think there are 4 more votes for Chevy's over Fords... :-D
68% chevy =11
31% ford = 5

some things not adding up right here, can someone help me with the math?


:smt078 FORDS
Some of you Fords guys wanna log in with ya other names,,so the votes will be a little closer
18 Chevy
9 Ford


Why do Ford guys like to be dissapointed all the time with these types of polls?

Everyone knows that Chevy's Rule!!!!!
Ima chevy guy,, but I am always for the underdogs, ya can't stop the ford guys for tryin

Ford vs Chevy is like .....................................................................................

Beating a dead horse

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Chris Uratchko said:
Fords rule Chevies Drool!!!!! :smt035
Hey you cant vote because you havent made a choice in your own car :smt005
chevy...simple cars for simple minds :smt005
fords fords fords :-D :-D
That is why no chevys can catch Jimmy D.
Chris Uratchko said:
Fords rule Chevies Drool!!!!! :smt035
Why do you say chevys drool if you avatar is a chevys
That is why no chevys can catch Jimmy D.
Wait until 2006 Mr. FordsBlowMe........We'll see who's catching who!!!!!!!!!!
Let me know, and I can arrange for a few rear facing pictures of some Chevys around here to be posted so You guys can get used to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL :smt005

:smt005 :smt005 :smt005 Good one :twisted:
1 - 20 of 103 Posts
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