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Fogger nozzles

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Does anybody have any experience with non NOS brand fogger nozzles? I'm putting a system together but the nozzles for it disappeared. Before I go out and blindly buy another set of NOS nozzles, I thought I'd ask around some. The application will be low fuel pressure (5-6psi) and between 200-300HP on a conventional head BBC.

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I like the Nitrous Supply Nozzles.
The manifold this is going on hasn't been drilled yet, so I could go either way. I've only used annular once in the past and had good results, but I had to send the manifold out to get the bungs put on it.
The annular nozzles tend to atomize the fuel more, if you can, I would go that rout. Then you can go with the Edelbrock E3 nozzle or the new Nitrous Supply nozzle P/N 23700r
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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