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In the East, I have had great luck DURING and after rain storms. Deluges, and washouts are tough, but manageable.

The heavier the rain/ muddier the water, the more I go subsurface and use Black Nose Dace, or Wooley Buggers. Any fly you can sweep under an undercut bank. Sinking tip line with 9' leader, 4x tippet. Use some of the "Sink" product that comes in bottles, that you rub into the chenille.
Depending on the hatch, I have even had good luck with spent wing spinners on top, along with "haystacks". Blonde Coastal deer hair caddis fly imitation. Wicked easy to tie. Cauchi-Nastasi (wrong spelling) did a book on Compa-duns. They produce more than royal coachmans ever thought of.

Want the ride of your life? Grasshoppers on a 16 hook, through the belly band of the grasshopper. Roll cast it, or let the current take itwhere it wants to go. BAMMM!!! Especially near undercuts where the hogs hang out.

I always carry a small spinning reel in my vest, that will fit my flyrod. 3# test. A pack of 16's and whatever I find near the banks. Grass hoppers, moths, red angler worms under rocks. You name it.

Believe it or not, you have to sneak up on a stream, and keep a wicked low profile. Worse than Deer or Turkey. Fish CAN see and hear you. (Seriously!) Banging around on the rocks will put good fish down for 20 minutes. Yes,there are some fish that will still hit. Like liberals, not too bright and need to end up frying. :yawinkle: So will buggy whipping a section of water. Think 85 year old man, when fishing. Slow and careful.

Anytime I fish in a new area, I dont even take a pole. I walk the water, and make mental notes of the holes, undercuts, rock structure, and entry spots to fish each one. I'll go back 2-3 hours later and fish them hard.
(Thats provided no one else is fishing it, of course)

We have one area, north of me by 1-1/2 hours. From July 4th to about the 18th. You have to be IN the water, casting by daybreak. The water is exploding. The rises look like a rain storm. They only will take a "Rusty (Spent Wing) Spinner". It lasts about an hour to an hour and a half. EASILY catch/release 80-100 fish. (our limit is 10 fish to keep) 2-3 casts max. (bend down the barbs, you wont lose them.)
After the hatch, the river is DEAD. NOTHING. ZERO, ZIP ,NADA. You couldnt BUY a fish. Not even with a worm. This place is great to take a newby or a kid. They sleep half way up there, and your done by 7am. Go get breakfast and fuck off all day.

Have fun, and dont be afraid to expirement.

DOH!!! Watch for locals, fucking in or near the stream! Must have ran across 10 couples so far. "Need any help Buddy?" Or "OOOf, sorry !!" for the ugly ones..
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