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Well went to the track to test out the spray finally. Overall I am happy but I believe there is more in it. Footbraked all night. Setup is 11:1 LS427, TFS 235, TH400, E85, Holley HP, 3.50 gear( I drive it on the street a good amount)275 Hoosier DR

First pass was 5.96 at 115 progressed over 1.8sec. 60ft 1.35

Next pass added 1* and went 5.91 at 116 progressed over 1.4sec 60ft 1.35

Last pass 60ft was not as good 1.39 and after weighing bottle when I got home only had 5.5lbs left in it so sure that's why it fell off but went 6.0 at 113mph progressive was in by 1.2 but going to try this again next outing.

Want to thank everyone in this section that post info on dry nitrous and for answering pm's too. Monte your guess at 70lbs was good I am adding 73lb haha.

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