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fine gold dust on top end

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yesterday i was running my valves on my big block
and noticed gold dust in the oil on the head
really fine not a lot just noticed on my iron heads
had to dip my finger in the oil and look at it
what could it be(hope it is not the bearings)
and why on top

just changed from castrol 10 -30 to mobil 1 5-30
filter was clean from last oil change
oil pressure is good no funny noises
im not running a bronze gear

please help
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the guids would have to be wasted and most of the material would go down not up// if the filter is clean the upper end stuff could be shim material if the shop didn't put a hardend shim under the spring will eat in to the shim most of the metal will stay up top. the dampner will saw through the shims... 2cts?/
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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