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My engine builder dug into the motor I blew up 6 weeks ago... Turns out the problem was with the oiling system itself, the front two cylinders were starved for oil.

He said the oil pump was supplying oil to the back of the motor, and to the filter ( which also returned to the back of the motor... Plus the oil pressure gauge was set up at the discharge side of the pump so I was seeing pressure as soon as the pump started turning, but oil was not yet to the front cylinders.

Anyway, I have a bunch of good parts that I can sell if anyone it interested.... I have 6 BME 426 Rods 6.385 Length with 3 passes on them, I have 6 Arias Pistons 4.53" and 11.5 to 1 with 118 cc heads... I have Splayed Billet Main Caps ( All but the back main ) for BBC. I might also have an Ohio 4.25" Stroke Crankshaft ( I need to clean it up to make sure everything is still good )... And last, I have a .813 lift Harold Brookshire Turbo Camshaft with 116 degree lobe seperation... etc.
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