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Good Sunday morning, folks. Three rain showers pushed the later than usual qualifying schedule even later as showers, the high number of bracket cars & oil downs meant that the Showdown championship classes got just 1 qualifying pass in on Saturday around midnight. Running under the lights in cool conditions doesn’t give many of these teams the data they need for their race day setup, so expect most of these guys to be lined up to take a hit before eliminations at 11:00 AM Sunday.

Sorry that I can’t give you qualifying from the Showdown Heads Up Index and Bracket championship classes as it is now almost 1:30 AM and, frankly, I’m having trouble seeing straight. I can tell you that with an uncountable number of ET Btacket cars, 60 True Streets, 18 Mod Comps, 10 Tough Trucks, 4 Ultra Stangs, 4 Street Stangs and a half dozen Street Bandits, the number are very comparable to last year and that the crowd was pretty decent, if not a bit larger from last year as well. The car show looked to be about the same as last year, too. Anyway, here’s the lowdown on our heads up, no breakout classes:


1) Dale Brinsfield 6.490 216.58
2) David Schorr 6.590 212.29 (point’s leader)
3) Todd Amandus 6.843 206.76
4) Seth Johnson 7.322 181.01
5) Mike Bellew 8.597 162.70

Notes: Dennis Lugo was up at Bristol helping out fellow Floridian Todd Amandus who had one of his best runs of the year during the last qualifying session. The camo Mustang has come a long way. Seth Johnson made his debut with a brand new twin turbo Mustang from the Houston area with Jason Herrera tuning. Local driver Mike Bellew from nearby Burnsville, NC was also there with his 598 Jon Kaase powered Mustang.


1) Frank Mewshaw 4.649 162.86
2) Conrad Scarry 4.658 164.43 (point’s leader)
3) John Choate 5.223 105.91

Notes: A little drama going on here. Mewshaw grabs his first ever pole and a bye into the final round with his bright yellow twin turbo Trans-Am while Scarry broke after his burnout during the last qualifying session. Should he not be able to fix the problem or should he lose to Choate in round 1 on Sunday, that would put a serious crimp on Team Scarry’s chances to win the Fun Ford championship. Choate, driving Terry Taylor’s (?) mountain motor nitrous Stang, is more than capable of beating Scarry on any given day, but he’s not been able to get a straight, full power pass down the track in 3 tries.


1) Sam Vincent 7.569 181.81
2) Don Burton 7.570 187.00
3) Mike Modeste 7.818 183.42
4) Angel Padilla 7.889 178.54
5) Joe Morgan 7.963 171.84
6) Ronnie Wilson 8.220 166.07
7) Steve Angell 9.405 153.33
8) John Worley 10.108 145.08
9) Travis Franklin 22.701 35.14 (point’s leader)

Notes: All six of our 2008 winners are here this weekend. Sam Vincent goes into a huge wheelstand in the last qualifying round, but keeps the pole and a first round bye by just .001 of a second. Burton’s car had beautiful header flames coming out from underneath the car tonight. Angel Padilla, just 1 point behind leader Travis Franklin coming into Bristol, debuted a new car and ran well for the first time out. Franklin, on the other hand, only got in one qualifying pass. Business at home has kept him from working on the car, but he’s not giving in. Franklin says he WILL be at Epping in 2 weeks. Mike Modeste confirms that he will also.

Tony McKellar
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Way to go Sam!

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I'm fairly certain that if it's motor related, Scarry won't have an issue fixing it.
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