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filly6,nitrousnick and nitrousnova

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listen im far from a peice of shit or a disrespectfull person .im sorry about the way the post was stated but was by no means at all ment to be offensive or disrespectful . i certainally ment no disrespect to jimmi or his family let alone his freinds which i was . i know this is the internet but i was offended by the way my post was taken by you all . if i offended any one truly sorry and if i could change it i would ,although it wasnt meant in no way negative . regards , vince lange
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Jimmi my back hair makes up for my folicly challenged head.
Actually Im not in it, they paid me some good money to TAKE the pic....

They wanted to do some real candid shots, but I didnt need to get my car done THAT bad.....

I dunno Shon....... What do you think????

My wife tells me that I don't....:smt082 Why you didn't come up to the bowl?
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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