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filly6,nitrousnick and nitrousnova

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listen im far from a peice of shit or a disrespectfull person .im sorry about the way the post was stated but was by no means at all ment to be offensive or disrespectful . i certainally ment no disrespect to jimmi or his family let alone his freinds which i was . i know this is the internet but i was offended by the way my post was taken by you all . if i offended any one truly sorry and if i could change it i would ,although it wasnt meant in no way negative . regards , vince lange
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What the phuck is that suppose to mean,I don't think that was directed towards you.I've known Pat for 9-10 years I think he knows I'm busten his balls,I'm sure he can defend himself.Do you recall me making ANY derogatory remarks at you?
2 things ....take it easy on da big words and back it on down jimmi dont let yer blood pressure get up stairs
guys dennis is a lot of things but definetally not gay he might need a hair cut on his back but hes not gay ahhh woooooo you called the wolf thats all you had to say....pager #825-9899 ooh yeah the wolf remember that shit ?
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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