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Uhhhh . . . Jermey . . . this event pays $7,500 for Street Outlaw if I'm not mistaken. That's because Norwalk runs both Pro and Outlaw 10.5 here. Events where they run one or the other tend to pay more.

As far as how much longer they can go on, you can't see the forest for the trees. This but a small fraction of what is there and going on, e.g. Top Sportsman Quick 16, heads up index classes, showdown (championship) bracket classes, regular bracket classes, True Street, True Street Quick 8, True Street brackets and on and on.

Heads up, no breakout racing is by no means what people come to see and enjoy any longer -- at least in this series.
I always thought that the large number of bracket and index cars were where most of the heads up prize money came from anyway. I would think as long as these classes are still going strong, the others should be just fine. I still have to believe that the large amount of Outlaw races popping up across the country are what makes some of these fields appear to be smaller. There's still a race just about every other weekend somewhere for close to the same money and racers simply don't need to travel to find a place to race like they did in the past. If it's going to cost you $2k in fuel just to get there and there's a local race paying close to the same, why not save the fuel and travel expense? I hate to say it but I think there are lots of racers that think this way and have even posted saying basically the same thing. I did really enjoy the atmosphere and making many new friends at the FFW and NMRA events so when our new Outlaw legal car is done, we will try to attend some more of these events in our area. I really hope there will still be a class for us to race in and from Rod's post, it sounds like they are not as concerned as some people may think about the size of the fields.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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