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Once again FBR Shop has renewed their sponsorship contract for the Top Sportsman class (formerly called Quick 32) in the MIROCK Superbike Series. For the 2011 season the class name of Quick 32 has been changed to “Top Sportsman”. Not only has the FBR Shop renewed their sponsorship program; they have increased the payout at the MIR events to $2,000 to win in Top Sportsman.

Last years Quick 32 Championship was an intense season as 119 different Quick 32 racers entered competition for the 2010 season. Boo Brown of Potomac Falls, VA took home the 2010 Quick 32 Championship going rounds on his low 8-second GS no bar bike. The quickest bump spot of the season was at the Fast by Gast Finals at MIR with a 8.294! Do you have what it takes to win the 2011 Top Sportsman Championship?

”The FBR Shop Top Sportsman class has always been a part of the MIROCK Superbike Series and hosts the fastest bracket bikes in the country. We have had fields where half of the bikes were running 7-second E.T.’s. We also have had a 6-second bike take a pole on a few occasions in the past. Top Sportsman qualifying is always so interesting to watch and see that bump spot drop throughout the day as bike after bike makes their way down the track. You have to consider that with fields as big as 140-150 bikes trying to qualify for 32 spots, that it will be a really tight field. The beauty with Top Sportsman is that after you get your 32-bike field that it’s still a bracket race and the fastest bike doesn’t win most of the races. You do have to make sure though that your bike is fast enough to qualify though, or you will be running in Pro E.T. with more rounds instead of a 5 round Top Sportsman class.” Stated by MIROCK’s Promoter Jason Miller.

Marion Ford, owner of FBR Shop, stated "We are happy to support the bracket racers at MIROCK, and at the same time put on a great show for the fans. Top Sportsman truly is a great class for the bracket racer and it rewards the faster bikes by competing for big money without having to go 8 or 9 rounds because it is a 32-bike field."

You can reach the FBR Shop at 410-374-1000 or look them up on the web at

Click Here to view the 2011 MIROCK Top Sportsman Rulebook:

Click Here to view the 2011 MIROCK Payouts:

For more information on the MIROCK Superbike Series please visit:
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