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Recently for some reason I have been unable to record data with my meter. Here is a small section directly from the unit's instruction booklet:

Data Logging:

In any live air/fuel display screen, you may press the up-arrow button (the button next to the L
on the display screen) to begin recording your air/fuel ratio (Fig. A). When pressed, the L will
begin to flash, indicating that you are now recording.


Here is my problem: When my meter is in a live air/fuel display screen and I press the up arrow next to the L, the L disappears and the unti does not record. If I press the up arrow again, the L reappears and still it does not record, WTF??

My meter has always worked fine until now. I'm thinking I probably hit a button or something and screwed something up. I'm hoping someone knows how I can fix this. I was going to call FAST, but I dont like being on hold for 30 minutes.

Thank you
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