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Hey guys I got a question, for example let's use turbo cobras , how do u guys route ur factory vacuum lines for the a/c and heater controls? Those vac lines are plumbed into the upper plenum which does t see boost, now with the superchager missing and intake hats on how to u feed ur factory equipment? If u route all ur factory lines to the box upper plenum ( after the throttle body) they will see boost correct? Won't that screw all ur controls up? Potentionaly blow them off?

I have heard of someone putting a check vavle behind a vacuum tree so on e the manifold switches from vac to boost the factory equipment isn't effect. I don't even know if that works I heard it

I am under the impression after some searches that u just tap the factory lines into the upper plenum, if this is the case if I have the a/c or heat going and jump on it to create boost will things go hay-wire?

Basically to make a huge question short, how do turbo guys plumb in their factory vac lines? Any input or pics are greatly appreciated
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