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Evans Motor Sports Dyno delivered today

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The Updated Super Flow Engine Dyno is in route today . Some test runs at Al Moody Race Engines went good. The new Wyndin soft wear is cool and 2K load cell will let us Dyno Nos, turbo and blower engina's . Yea Com'on Call for Dyno time.
Thanks, Zar
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Love that windyn! SuperFlow makes such a great product. The 902 seems to read about 7% less than the 901 but thats OK. I'd rather have a lower number on the sheet and a bigger number on the score board!

I used to do alot of Nitrous stuff on a 902 Pro. With all the available channels for data acq, its tough to beat. You can see and record EVERYTHING. Its truley awesome! (granted, you have to hook it all up, but the capabilities are endless)

Congrats on your new purchase !!!
Did Brett come out to commission it?
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