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Yes, if you are a drag racer they will say ...”you people don’t buy the right parts” or you people try to go fast with junk.
Bottom line-

Get everything in writing when you drop it off. They will not communicate with you at all and buy unnecessary parts, do machine work you didn’t agree too and... If you don’t pay they keep your motor.

Way too risky to bring an engine back to them and they take months to finish anything.

Dropped a motor off for work, hurt 3-4 pistons. Waited on the price for pistons for 3-4 months, no returned calls. Walk in there to get some answers. $3150.00 bill and a motor still in pieces. They took it upon them self to oring my block order valves Ext. Total rip off

Engine services
Jim Hanson and Randy Rodgers are the owners

2002 camaro x275
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