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Electronics Gamblers Race Now Added to 1320X
..:: September 2, 2008 ::..

In response to the many racer requests, an electronics gamblers race has now officially been added to 1320X on Saturday, September 13th. The event had originally been open only to all American model door cars with no delay boxes. However there were numerous delay box racers that wanted to participant in the event as well, so the decision was made to add the Gamblers race.

All racers must purchase the Manufacture’s Cup/ Bracket Challenge entry either in advance or at the gate. The entry fee for the Gamblers Race will be $30 with a full 100% payback! So be sure to come and represent your brand (Ford, Chevy Mopar, Pontiac, Buick, Oldsmobile, etc) at the 1320X on Saturday, September 13th!

Logon to to pre-register for the event.
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