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i was looking at the edelbrock throttle body that flows 2000 cfm
and i was only guessing at the prices, because it's a few days ago
now. i don't beleive in mail order i would rather pay a few more dollars and SUPPORT MY LOCAL DEALER.
cause when it all said and done mail order tech SUCKS.
all they want to do is sell parts and don't care if there rite.
after all this was a question on rather some one has tried and a pictular efi system or not.
when all of your local dealers are out of buisness who are you going to complain to???????????????????
Just for reference the new Edelbrock Pro Flo XT/XTR deal is actually designed and made by EFI technologies. Plenty of people have had good luck with EFI tech, but for your particular combo I would actually consider the BS3. If I can help in anyway please dont hesitate to ask.
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