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How would adding an inch or two in wheel width (15x11 or 15x12) directly effect mounted diameter?

I've read elsewhere that the 15x10 - 15x12 jump will approximately increase sectional width ~.800", this would inturn shorten the diameter as well?

I'm currently running 315/60x15 ET Radial on 15x10. For the track, I'm looking towards going either 11 or 12" wheel to better utilize the tire.

With the wheel width as the control, the tires I'm looking at are the 28 or 29.5x10.50x15W, depending on final diameter/ gearing.

The advertised SW/ Dia of the 28W (measured on a 10) is 13.1/ 28.1.
The advertised SW/ Dia of the 29.5W (measured on a 10) is 13.6/ 29.6.

Lastly, if the diameter is decreased, does it likely decrease the growth up top? IE: if the 28 pulls down to a 27.5 would it grow up up past a 28.5 @ 120?
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