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E-town Radial Prediction

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How many 6 second passes?

you got hance... heard fiscus is coming, heard wolfe might be coming back, and then you have some of the baddest local guys... Big Daddy, Vrettos, C-Little, Paul Major
Sal patel! shit maybe even the the man/myth/legend Chris Evans
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O, and dont forget about Returning champion DAVE HINZMEN!
you think killin time' is gonna run it out the back.... o good lord
For the record you better hope you don't have a south invasion or your going to have some north guys getting their feelings hurt.


thats the least of my worries, in fact im more worried about Godzilla attacking rather then seeing the southern boys cross the mason dixon.
Not only do you guys have to travel (which is unheard of)
then you have to come into the cold weather (which is unheard of) and run the 1/4 (which..well you get the point)
HELL NO!!!!!!!!!

lol, i know, i just wanna know what kinda rpm's he'd go threw the traps at:-Daw
What about Mustang Mike. picked up Tim lynchs old motor and went 200 with the old motor
i think mr. jackson would have to change his tune up a bit. Same with my man from the good timers... there spinning that bitch so hard at the 8th it wouldnt stay together. People would be catching rods at 1000 foot like its a home run at a baseball game
Fuck that!
i just thought of 2 more!!
Jesse in the 4 eye'd whore (no offence jesse)
and Randy in his new car....
When are the Radial guys invading E-town?
the best heads up 1/4 event in the world, wheres the confussion
how about this radial accident i found a couple years back....

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NASA would have to clear all the team south cars for take off
if we come up there. RTCTTFMFER'S


i agree the RTCTTFMFER'S. but what happens when the south gets that far north they get all confussed which was is up and which is down so they might go in the back.... Its kinda like Vertigo
May even see a certain camaro from California up there,we dont usually go past Florida on our annual trip,but,there is a first for everything!
Bowman might just come up and see if he can go 200 on 275`s! :-Daw
you tell him i got his entry fee in my pocket if he wants to come
I was on the scales top end when mikes car taped the close wall and cut back accross and i thought i seen my life flash in front of me. If the wall wasnt there it would of plowed right into us! i wont mention names but 3 of us were jumping, running and ducking behind the golf cart
Thanks, Tim. I guess Bacarty had one too many tonight.

no i just thought some one as close as you would of heard about it.... its the best damn race in the northeast, HANDS DOWN

I pm'd him a couple months back and he sounded real intrested....

i wonder is shane stack would come up? he got his car overhauled....
what about all them hitters from the midwest? Steve Turly and Junior and Jimmy Flip
Who cares. How far is shakedown from now?

10 paged, in 2 threads, about 1/3rd of the classes in less then a day... i'd say a lot Douch
Don't worry, Bacarty, I got this. :finga:

It's Oct 17-18.;)

"shit maybe even the the man/myth/legend Chris Evans"

I dont know about all that legend stuff.... but we will be there with wick turned up on ol' BIG green!!!!!!!I'm just hoping for some 7.50's:-D
& as long as it's still together-we want to go to the ORTC;)
I'll be ridin' "in style" down their hopefully!

I called shotgun already!!! Im surprised grandpa... i mean Gar, hasnt jumped in on this thread yet
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